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Windows Thread, Limit internet speed with windows xp? in Technical; Hi, Got a bit of a problem at home im hoping someone can help me with. Our lodger is doing ...
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    Limit internet speed with windows xp?


    Got a bit of a problem at home im hoping someone can help me with.

    Our lodger is doing my head in, he will go on my other computer and stream and download causing me to get really laggy internet on my computer.

    I dont really want to deny him access to the internet but just want to limit the computer to 120kbps or something, he would never be able to stream but will be ok for forums and browsing if just a bit slow.

    Any ideas?

    Have found netlimiter but hoping theres a free solution. Our router doesnt support it.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Limit internet speed with windows xp?

    Get a different router, this is something that should be handled at a network level, PC based is too easy to get around. You could look into QoS which your router should support. You could also look at openwrt or something like that on an existing or cheap WAP off eBay.

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    Surely if he is lodging with you, you could just ask him to be more respectful?

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    When I was lodging I had my own router as the one you get free ffrom your ISP just not up to the job. In the end every one in the house was using my router for internet and not the one from the ISP as it was shit....

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