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Windows Thread, Trusted Publisher - noob question :( in Technical; When I double click the WORD icon on my desktop it just opens.... When I double click the SAMSUNG SMARTVIEWER ...
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    Trusted Publisher - noob question :(

    When I double click the WORD icon on my desktop it just opens....

    When I double click the SAMSUNG SMARTVIEWER icon it opens a message that says:

    User Account Control
    Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer
    Program Name - Smartviewer
    Publisher - Unknown
    File Origin - Hard Drive on this computer.

    Question is - what has the PC got that allows WORD to open OK and how can I do the same to the SAMSUNG software so it does nt ask....


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    Word has been digitally signed by Microsoft, was installed from trusted media and is being executed from a trusted location. By the sounds of it, the Samsung software fails on one or more of these accounts.

    What you could try doing is right clicking on the Smartviewer EXE and seeing if there's an unblock button in the file properties. If so, click it and try again. Alternatively, try moving it to the local disk if it isn't there already.

    It's either that or the program has a flag which tells Windows that it needs to make changes which require full admin rights and the screen you're seeing is a request to be executed using an elevated user. The only way you'll fix that is to disable UAC.
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    Mainly it's because Smartviewer is badly coded and doesn't work right under a limited user account, which is what is triggering the UAC prompt. Even if it was signed, you would still get the prompt.

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