I need a small help from you. we are planning to come up with four new datacenters, two in europe, one in asia pacific and one in america region. We also have small branch offices in different regions apart from these major datacenters.
Now, i am planning to deploy sccm for the 4 major datacenters:
1) one central site with software update point (with wsus) in one european datacenter.
2) one primary site with software update point in second european datacenter.
3) one distribution server with sup in both asia pacific and us datacenter

The idea here is, all the clients in europe will report to the european data center. other clients in us and asia pacific will report to the primary site. However, for updates and packages they will contact their local sup and distribution points.
all remote clients in different boundaries in asia pacific and us will talk to the distribution point in asia pacific and us for updates and packages.
Now, i want to understand am i planning correctly. Should i put distribution points and sup in asia pacific and us datacenter or not? Or should i allow the clients from apac and us to talk to the primary site in europe without having any distribution point and sup in asia pacific datacenter and us datacenter.
Can you please guide me, what should be the ideal planning for sccm 2012 considering 4 datacenters, 2 in europe , 1 in US and 1 in asia. Apart from these datacenters we also have small clients (50 in number) at different geographical boundaries in asia, us and europe. M i planning correctly or is there any thing you would like to suggest.
Please email me with your suggestion.
Anticipating your prompt response.