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Windows Thread, Migrating Exchange 2003 to new hardware. in Technical; Can anyoen help with advice as to moving Exchange 2003 to another server. Our current one is on its last ...
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    Migrating Exchange 2003 to new hardware.

    Can anyoen help with advice as to moving Exchange 2003 to another server. Our current one is on its last legs and we need to move it. I have the new server in and need alittle more info be fore i start it.

    Has anyone done this or have a crib sheet to go through i could see?

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    Re: Migrating Exchange 2003 to new hardware.

    Can't you image it and restore it to your bare-metal new server? I know there are imaging utilities out there that will allow you to restore your server image to new and different hardware:

    - Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery
    - Acronis True Image Server Edition

    You could also do an image with one of the system rescue disk (linux) to image it and restore it to your new server and then repair the windows installation to pick up the mass storage devices etc.

    This image process will save a lot of hassle as it does not need to rejoined to domain, sids etc will be migrated as well.


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    Re: Migrating Exchange 2003 to new hardware.

    I used guides like this:

    You basically move all your mailboxes over. Set up replication for all the public folder stuff and make the new server the master for the global address list etc. Then once its replicated remove all the replication links for the old server and remove it.

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    Re: Migrating Exchange 2003 to new hardware.

    Hi Mate,

    I have just carried out this task last week, and I have to say I was very suprised how smooth the process was. I tried to migrate to new hardware and keep the same servername but this gave me all kinds of problems. The best way is to put a clean install of server 2003 on the new hardware, install exchange on additional server (so you can see both servers in exchange system manager), move mailboxes to the new server, copy IIS settings and server settings in esm so both are identical. Agree a time with ISP for them to make a dns entry so OWA points to the new url. Shut down old server and use old server ip address. Leave old server off for a few days then decommision.
    I found this very useful;


    Hope this helps,

    Dave Gardner

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