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Windows Thread, Netlogon not available in Technical; I've had couple of XP computers throw up his error now. Cant restart the service as it just errors. I ...
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    Netlogon not available

    I've had couple of XP computers throw up his error now. Cant restart the service as it just errors.

    I could just reimage them but that is going to take a bit of faffing as ive stopped using ghost and now use WDS. I'm not ready to put my Win 7 image on these yet as i still have a few teething issues and havent checked the KS1 software yet.

    I'm concerned that this is going to become a bigger issue. Anyone know a quick fix or reasons why this may have happened?


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    Does it give an error code with it?

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    What error code are you getting?

    All I can find with a generic "netlogon not starting" search is advice to either restore the machine or reset the winsock stack.

    [Read here for more] It's advice from '04 so I'm not sure how relevent it is.

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    Resetting the winsock works for me when that error pops up (once or twice every 6 months or so).

    Log in locally, open up a command prompt.

    Run this command:

    netsh winsock reset
    Once it finishes (a couple of seconds), reboot the PC. That should be it.

    If that doesn't work, try this. Log back in locally and go to the properties of the network adapter (not in device manager - the bit where you would set the IP address). Click on Add and choose to add a protocol. It will give you a short list including IPv6. Click on the browse button and point it to c:\windows\inf

    You will get a longer list including the already installed TCP/IP v4. Choose this and it should reinstall the TCPIP stack. Again reboot.

    Should definitely work
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