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Windows Thread, Copying Profile data in Technical; Hi I'm trying to move some admin staff redirected profile folders from one drive to a new SAN drive (using ...
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    Copying Profile data


    I'm trying to move some admin staff redirected profile folders from one drive to a new SAN drive (using robocopy) - but get constant errors (logged in as Administrator) because I don't have permission/ownership. Documentation I've read suggests that taking ownership might screw everything up - any ideas on a safe way to proceed?

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    Re: Copying Profile data

    Dependign on how your userprofiles have been setup, it is very possible that they have been created without administrator security rights.

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    Re: Copying Profile data

    You can take ownership and then give it back if you are particularly worried about that. Use 'chown' for this.

    There is a tick box in the GPO too that you can uncheck that says something like 'grant user exclusive rights to folder'.
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