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Windows Thread, Access registry without booting to windows (XP) in Technical; Hi, I have a computer that was running Winsuite control software but after un-installing Winsuite I have been left with ...
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    Access registry without booting to windows (XP)

    Hi, I have a computer that was running Winsuite control software but after un-installing Winsuite I have been left with a Gina.dll error. After googling I have found out that this is common (ish) after removing this software and the Gina.dll file controls the logon box. I need to Switch this Gina.dll file with a copy from a working XP machine and make a registry change all without being able to boot in to windows.

    I was thinking a BartPE style boot cd would work but do not want to spend loads of time building this so wondered if anyone had any ideas for a quick way to access registry and copy a file without running windows.

    Might be worth PM'ing me so pupils do not get any ideas.


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    Don't really think students will get issues with this one, so will post here, but feel free to remove:

    Take harddrive into caddy/spare pc. Open regedit, open hive (browse to drive) e.g. F:\windows\system32\config and you'll see all the hives there as that's where they're stored normally (for machine ones at least)


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    I think you should be able to use Hirens to boot up in minixp, saves ripping the hdd out.

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    id also be worried about other things winsuite can do on removal. Ive had machines where gpos dont apply right so everyone gets the all user desktop for instance even when gpo says no so id be tempted to rebuild anyway

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