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Windows Thread, Unusual Default Printer behavior in Technical; We have an unusual problem on a handful of PCs: We have a locally attached printer that is set as ...
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    Unusual Default Printer behavior

    We have an unusual problem on a handful of PCs:

    We have a locally attached printer that is set as the Default Printer - when user logs in all is fine but for some reason during the day the Default printer will change to a Network Printer assigned by Group Policy, that is in the PC's list of available printers.

    We are running Windows 7 and a Server 2008 R2 Print Server. We have Kyocera Printers.

    The problem doesn't happen for all staff just a handful and at the moment no Group Policy assigned to that PC sets a Default printer.

    Any ideas?

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    Try to run the good old chap Resultant set of Policies and see exactly what GPOs are applied to these PCs Use the Resultant Set of Policy Snap-in, somewhere donw the line they must be getting this domain printer applied

    Hope it helps!

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    GPP printer deployment allows you to specify the default printer. GPO printer deployment works based on the printer name alphabetically.

    If you use GPO printer deployment, you can use a GPP regedit to set the default printer.

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    It sounds like group policy is 'updating' during the day.

    Have you set the refresh time on group policies?

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