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Windows Thread, Folder redirection in Technical; I'm setting up folder redirection and the My Docs works fine. I have set up desktop and it shows as ...
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    Folder redirection

    I'm setting up folder redirection and the My Docs works fine.

    I have set up desktop and it shows as I have it in the spcified folder, but it also shows other stuff, I'm guessing from the 'all users' account. How do I stop it picking this up just so it only picks up whatever I put in the specified 'shared' desktop fo,lder.


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    Re: Folder redirection

    The obvious answer is, you don't...

    ..but saying that you could also redirect these to an empty folders.

    It uses the "All Users" and the current users desktops, the user desktop is created from the "Default User" folder.
    One of the first (and last) things I do to a machine before imaging is emptying the default user desktop.

    I have found it useful to have a local "All Users" desktop for some machines, so they can have specific links (eg in the Art room they have a link to the media devices drive).

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    Re: Folder redirection

    Dunno how come you're getting the All Users details when you're redirecting?

    I've just set mine up for redirection, and the users are just getting what I specified, and the settings from in the GPO area:

    User Config -> Admin Templates -> Desktop

    (such as Internet Explorer, My Docs, Network Places, Recycle Bin etc).

    In the properties of the redirection, what have you got set up within settings? Maybe there is your problem?

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    Re: Folder redirection

    Even when redirecting, the 'All Users' folder still impacts on the AD user. I would consider using a batch file to hide the 'All Users' folder on your machines.

    Then, unless the users have 'Show Hidden Files' enabled, they won't be visible.

    However, we find it useful to use the 'All Users' desktop to link to local applications on a per machine basis. Or, as used above, to specifically link to drives independent to what the computer is used for.

    Hope that helps.

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