Hi all,

Sorry I ain't posted in a while, this new job has got me going insane. Here's my scenario:

(Fake names used for security)

S2 = DC, DNS, Staff file server
S3 = Student file server

S2 crashed and went off to the LEA (still not back). I restored staff work to S3 and recreated all folder permissions.

Now I am recreating staff accounts on S1 (and Sxx that the LEA set up as a secondary DNS + DC) but here's the deal. Staff accounts are picking up the GPO's i.e. redirect docs to staff share etc, but they are not picking up the profiles. I am using the same GPO as before to set roaming profiles and such, so this should not be the problem.

The first time the new user logs in it creates the profile folder, but nothing is but into it. It looks like a temp local profile that the user gets.

Any ideas?

If you need any more info let me know.