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Windows Thread, How to secure my MSI mapped folder as a drive letter... in Technical; Originally Posted by kennysarmy Can I hide a mapped drive and shortcuts that refer to on the users desktop still ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennysarmy View Post
    Can I hide a mapped drive and shortcuts that refer to on the users desktop still work??
    Yes. All hiding the drive does is tell Explorer not to list it. If you have permissions and type (for example) v:\ into the window you will still be able to access and browse that folder. There is a separate GPO which is used to "prevent access to drive letters" which prevents users from accessing the drive but this would cause you more problems from how I understand you use the drive.



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    Quote Originally Posted by j17sparky View Post
    You have an App server, use it. Unless you change the location of NETLOGON you will be serving MSIs from the DC(s). Once you have a few dozen PCs pulling big MSIs your user logon time will jump up as they fight for HD time on the DC.
    Good point.

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