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Windows Thread, Exchange 2007 not sending emails in Technical; Originally Posted by DSapseid Originally Posted by MarkB Next Question: Any one know how to stop kids getting a list ...
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    Re: Exchange 2007 not sending emails

    Quote Originally Posted by DSapseid
    Quote Originally Posted by MarkB

    Next Question:

    Any one know how to stop kids getting a list of every email address, and the staff only get a list of staff?
    If you solve it let me know i have been trying for 6months on exchange 2003 and yet to find a solution.
    Create another Global Address Book and create the filter for students accounts only and then setup the security permissions. Dissallow access to the default global address book by removing student accounts or student group from the ACL.

    You can also create another global address book for staff if you want to but we usually leave the default address book on for staff since they can see other staff as well as student list and so can send emails to both staff and students.

    In order to control the bulk emails to students or staff for that matter use the recipient limit and set it to say 2 or 3 email at a time say. This is a long process if you do it the AD way in exchange but fortunately some clever people come up with ADModify.net which lets you make bulk changes to user accounts (or other AD staff if you want) and the option to change the recipient limit is also present in the bulk modification properties.

    I think ADModify.net is compatible with exchange 2000 and 2003, not sure about 2007 you may want to check it out.

    Link to ADModify article:




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    Re: Exchange 2007 not sending emails

    Got this working my changing the permissions on the Address lists, and created a standard Address lists of students for Staff. Now if only this Exchange update would install (it seemed to get picked up from WSUS, and failed disabling all the services) been going for an hour now.

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