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Windows Thread, PDF's randomly won't open since installing Adobe CS6 suite in Technical; I'm having a problem where PDF's will randomly not open resulting in adobe Reader crashing instantly. If the user logs ...
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    PDF's randomly won't open since installing Adobe CS6 suite

    I'm having a problem where PDF's will randomly not open resulting in adobe Reader crashing instantly. If the user logs off and on again it will sometimes work or sometimes crash again. Reading online a few people seem to have experienced this same problem since installing Adobe CS6 suite which I did about 3 months ago. The fix that people seem to be suggesting is to deactivate the license for the CS6 programs and then reactive. But to do this to hundreds of machines would be a nightmare. Has anyone else experienced this and got a solution? All machines that I know of which are having problems are Windows XP 32bit.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have deployed CS6 to our workstations and I haven't heard any complaints [that doesn't mean that there won't be any just that they, maybe, haven't tried Reader on those workstations yet. I have CS6 on my workstation but where I would normally use Reader Acrobat X Pro steps in instead. As far as that goes I haven't had any problems since deployment [Deployment method: MSI created by the adobe supplied MSI tool. I used the same tool to send the licence key and activate the products too]

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    What program are PDF's set to open with by default? Ages ago when we installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 it decided that it wanted to be the default PDF program instead of Acrobat Reader.

    To get around that we had to open Photoshop, go into File format associations (in preferences I think) and deselect PDF

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    We use CS4 and had a similar issue - as themightymrp suggests / carried out, we too had to go into Photoshop and deselect. I do know a while ago that Adobe released a patch for this (may only be a CS4 specific patch?) - may be worth checking on the Adobe site

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