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Windows Thread, Start Menu, How Is It Done? in Technical; I am currently looking into a new way of doing our Start Menu, we currently ue GPP but it slows ...
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    Start Menu, How Is It Done?

    I am currently looking into a new way of doing our Start Menu, we currently ue GPP but it slows logons to a crawl!

    Whats the best way to deploy shortcuts? I was thinking a redirected Start Menu but am unsure of the best way to deploy them without dead links?

    How do you do this? Thanks.

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    I found group policy preferences was okay for wired connections, but too slow on laptops. In the end I switched to redirection, but redirected to a folder local to each machine (e.g. c:\startmenu). Then however you deploy your software, deploy a shortcut for it at the same time. You would also need to add a localhost reference to your trusted internet sites to stop warnings appearing for your shortcuts.

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    One option is to use Access Based Enumeration (ABE) to construct a menu.

    In a nutshell, put your shortcuts on a server share with ABE configured on the server share, and set the shortcut visibility by means of security groups (e.g. machines with Photoshop, Cubase, etc). The beauty of ABE is that shortcuts that are not in the scope of the security group are simply not shown (rather than invalid).

    Building Dynamic Start Menus With Access-Based Enumeration | Aaron Parker
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