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Windows Thread, PC will only log off in Technical; Recently when I click Start and shutdown on my XP SP3 machine it only logs me off. A few other ...
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    PC will only log off

    Recently when I click Start and shutdown on my XP SP3 machine it only logs me off. A few other computers have started doing this although others are ok. All get their updates from the same WSUS server so should in theory have the same updates.

    Anyone come across this?

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    I was having the same problem with a POS till I had to rebuild today. I applied all of the available updates [excluding the ones I was not interested in: Bing Toolbar, Windows Live...,...]

    After a full update and a forced restart the till began to behave itself [however it has lost the touch screen functionality effectively making it useless as one of our tills]


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    Does WSUS report that they are up to date?
    Any clues in the event log?

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