Hello, I have been using romaing profiles for years but never noticed this...If i create a user and set the profile path to \\server\share\user.name.1234
and then log onto a machine, the profile folder created on the machine is user.name, but the profile folder created on the server is user.name.1234. Shouldn't the profile folder on the local machine be the same as the one on the server. We try not to cache profiles locally and when a users profile gets corrupt i change the path on the server to .xxx where x is an incremental number, but now i am thinking if the profile folder on the local machine is not what is set on the server then the corrupt local profile may get copied back to the server...
On another note we have seen several profiles lately not get unloaded on the local machine. The remaining folder in the local profile is application data\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\My
so when the user logs on again they get a new local profile as user.name.domain.00x
We have UPHClean installed on all machines and have a GPO to delete local copies of roaming profiles
Any ideas on this