Hi all,

We've got 10 new laptops for our school! Unfortunately they are all required to run XP, they come shipped with 7 and vendor support seems to be an all time low (Toshiba have nil drivers available). The manufacturers are a little hit and miss but I seem to have cracked it! All but one "Unknown Device" which I personally suspect is the webcam, teachers dont need webcams, so if it can't be done it can't be done!

The one niggle I have is that on hibernate/standby the laptop itself appears to boot, but the screen doesn't come to life, so I'm guessing chipset? Is there anything software wise I can do in XP? Just that drivers seem as rare as rocking horse poo.

And another theory is that this probably has a whole pot of worms waiting for me...

To be brief; the laptop is a Toshiba C850-10W, I'll hopefully rack up some posts! Then I can link to the HwInfo I've made!

Thanks, any help appreciated!!!