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Windows Vista Thread, WD's Raptor And Nvidia G80 Don't Play Nice With Vista in Technical; http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/2007/0...ce-with-vista/...
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    WD's Raptor And Nvidia G80 Don't Play Nice With Vista

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    Re: WD's Raptor And Nvidia G80 Don't Play Nice With Vista

    haha ive been using all 3 together at home for the past month or two (dual boot with XP mind as i dont trust vista yet)

    not had any of the problems they've come across in there though, very strange

    EDIT: that said there using the bigger raptors, mines only a 36gb one

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    Re: WD's Raptor And Nvidia G80 Don't Play Nice With Vista

    Im running the following at home nad have had no problems.

    EVGA nForce 680i Premium
    Intel Core2Duo E6850 @ 3.00Ghz / 4mb Cache
    4Gb OCZ 1066Mhz SLI RAM @ 2.20v in SLI Mode
    EVGA nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768MB
    2 x WD Raptor 150Gb in RAID0

    Vistax86 Enterprise Edition

    I have had no problems of this nature, the only problem i do get is the DVD-RW Drives tend to stop responding to new disks after running for a long time, and i have to restart the PC to get it to recognise that a new disc is in the drive.

    I got UT2007 on launch day, put it in the drive and it asked me to label the disk as if it was blank. Put it in my old PC and it worked fine, just needed a reboot of the vista machine.

    Otherwise runing like a peach.

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