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Windows Vista Thread, Vista genuine - not genuine! in Technical; Hi Folks, Has anyone had this problem I am experiencing on my home desktop computer: I have an OEM System ...
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    Vista genuine - not genuine!

    Hi Folks,

    Has anyone had this problem I am experiencing on my home desktop computer:

    I have an OEM System Builder's version of Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit edition.

    It has been running fab since february. I activated it with no problems at this time too.

    I went to install Photostory3 last week and had to run the genuine validation tool before I could download it. After it ran it branded my machine 'Not Genuine' and direct x no longer works, which means none of my games work, there is a "This copy of windows is not genuine" notice on the desktop and pops up now and again.

    The strangest thing is when I try to run the validation tool again it says windows is not activated and must be activated first. My computer says windows is activated. And I can activate windows OK again but the validation tool won't work as it still says it is not activated.

    I have contacted Microsoft and been assigned a support rep but it is one of these 1 email correspondence per day things so it has been nearly a week already of pointless emails back and forth.

    Has anyone else suffered this before and if you got it fixed how?

    I think MS are going to send me a new Product Key but I don't think it iwll work, they sent me one today but it was for 32bit.

    My only guess is that perhaps my product key has been cloned but that does not explain how my windows still activates?

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    Re: Vista genuine - not genuine!

    i thought with vista you can use a product key for 32 & 64 bit

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    Re: Vista genuine - not genuine!

    I think you have that backwards. The media kit has all the versions of vista on. What version gets installed depends on your product key.

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