As the subject suggests, as anyone tried and tested this on laptops?

Another topic i have to cover for my Vista Project is to look into Vista new drive encryption thingy - Bitlocker

Ive got it working and i have to say apart from the usual issues like lost keys etc it is very fast which was a suprise to me...

My question is: from my reading and understanding, you can only have one partition on the drive C for bit locker to work (not inc the 1.5gb needed for bit locker) Is this true... (i need to test this still) but if i had 2 partitions so a C and a D drive (again not inc the bitlocker partition) would bitlocker encrypt both C and D? or would is just refuse to work?

Also could you let me know what experiences you have had with Bitlocker so i can pass these on at the next project meeting.