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Windows Vista Thread, System Restore causing PC to freeze in Technical; I'll try to explain this as clearly as I am able. I purchased and ran Captain Optimizer. After that there ...
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    System Restore causing PC to freeze

    I'll try to explain this as clearly as I am able.

    I purchased and ran Captain Optimizer. After that there seems to be something amiss with System Restore.

    I am able to set a restore point, but it takes forever and sometimes it will freeze my system. If I wait long enough my PC will come out of it.

    I used to do other things while waiting for SR to open, and then while waiting for the restore point to set. Now I don't dare to do a thing because if I do I freeze up.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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    If this post here is also you - System Restore causing PC to freeze - MSFN Forum

    I'd guess that your array of registry cleanup, anti-malware, and optimisation software packages will have changed or deleted something they shouldn't have. It is always a possibility with these sort of programs, which is why the good ones always prompt to make a backup before running them.

    My recommendation would be to restore your computer from a working backup, and then reduce your over use of these programs. Windows machines simply do not need that much maintenance doing - it'd be like changing the oil on your car every week. Stick to a single anti-virus program, and a single anti-malware program. Don't bother with optimisers unless you actually have an issue with speed.

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