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Windows Vista Thread, Pinnacle Studio in Technical; Hey, Just got me a new gizmo for making Video Files & DVD's from the schools Camcorders and VCRs. A ...
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    Pinnacle Studio


    Just got me a new gizmo for making Video Files & DVD's from the schools Camcorders and VCRs.
    A Pinnacle Dazzle VC Platinum. So easy,

    Comes with it's own drivers and software which must be installed prior to plugging in the device :-(

    Immediately Vista says "There are known Issues with this software"-

    Sends you off to the Pinnacle Site.. eventually I try the realtime tech support...

    Hello, I have a problem blah blah blah...

    Oh, You have version 10.5 you can't use V10.5 anymore we no longer support it, you must upgrade it to V10.7....

    OK then, I will download the 112mb file and upgrade it...

    No you cant, that's only for XP.....

    So what about my Vista.....

    Don't support it yet...
    You are welcome to try the 10.8 beta...

    But there is no support for it and it expires on April 1st...

    Thats really useful for a brand new piece of hardware...

    So what do I do after that then?...

    We hope to have a fix by then....

    A fix...

    Sorry, I mean an upgrade....

    Will it be free?

    I very much doubt it, as it will be V 11 by then...

    So thats it for now then, I will just have to wait for stuff to become compatible with Vista....

    No - Have you thought about buying a Mac instead?


    Everyday I hate Vista a little bit more.

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio

    Quote Originally Posted by m25man
    Everyday I hate Vista a little bit more.
    I totally understand but i dont see how this m$ fault the developers of Pinnacle Studio should have been well aware of the release of vista and had plenty of time to get there software to work for it.

    Everyone who develops software has been able to get there hands on vista for ages.

    My mate is a developer and he says that the new vista is alot easier to code for.

    Im not a m$ fanboy. I have had both PC's and Mac's.

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio

    I have to agree with plugged_in... Its not MS' fault that the development team at Pinnacle can't be bothered to support Vista.

    Ironically, there's a installation folder on the Studio 10 DVD's that I have [we've bought 7 of them btw] so I for one will be giving them hell if they dont bring a patch that does the job.


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    Re: Pinnacle Studio

    This is typical of Pinnacle. They did the same for Xp too. They realsed an update for Pinnacle 9.4.3 or something like that to 9.4.7(?) and it broke it. The forums were rife with anger and fustration as it was supposed to fix a long on-going problem. I too fell for this and ended up re-installing Pinnacle, no small task in itself

    The resolution?

    Buy V10 just released!!!

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio

    Hmmm, Pinnacle....

    One of the teachers has one of these for their personal laptop. Could I get it to work? No... The packaging claims "Windows Vista Certified" but mentions nothing about having to download the Vista version, and that the supplied disk breaks Vista (The disappearing drives issue, reghack required) The downloaded version works though. It seems to install some "additional" programs too.

    Further to this, it also claims that it is compatible with Vista Media Center, but after several hours of playing with it, i have come to the conclusion that its not.

    I like the Hauppauge kit as it works, and once the supplied software is ditched and media center used, a dream to use (Also with Vista)


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    Re: Pinnacle Studio

    Pinnacle have always been awful, I remember using version 7 which did nothing but crash and their forums were FULL of people asking for a fix. They essentially said it was going to be sorted in V8 and we just had to wait.

    Awful support and frankly not a great bit of software anyway.

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