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Windows Vista Thread, Exchange Outlook Web Access in Technical; Hi all, One of my technicians who is more keen to run the latest thing than I am (has less ...
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    Exchange Outlook Web Access

    Hi all,

    One of my technicians who is more keen to run the latest thing than I am (has less to do on his home computer) installed Vista and found a problem with OWA which I'm pointing out for general interest in case others encounter it. The user can view messages but can't edit them. Microsoft have put out a patch for this at


    Best wishes

    Jay Rubinstein

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    Re: Exchange Outlook Web Access

    Yeah seen this problem - so i updated our Exchange Server to SP2 - after that i ended up with no end of problems with mailbox stores being corrupted.

    Had to reinstall on a completely different server

    Luckily it was only used for the kids internally.

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    Re: Exchange Outlook Web Access

    I've got vista running on a laptop at the moment, and was attempting to access my e-mail from home the other day via outlook webaccess. it wouldn't let me past the logon screen, even though I knew i was typing my details correctly. (I started to groan at this point thinking something was up with our remote server, as it wasn't the easiest of tasks to get OWA from outside the building working in the firstplace)

    Weird thing is that when I refreshed the page, it came up with the OWA main screen as if I had logged in. Very strange. it does this consistantly, I have to force a page refresh for it to actually log me in.


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    Re: Exchange Outlook Web Access

    we have it set up for the offfice, havent updated with the patch yet i logged in first time with no problems.

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