Hi All,

Having an issue with a vista image on WDS. I've got the image built and installed all apps and drivers, sysprepped it and uploaded it to the WDS server. Now this is where the fun and games begin. When I pull the image back to the machine it works fine apart from the VGA driver won't install. It just installs Standard VGA Driver, which is rather annoying and I have to install the drivers manually after.

I've added the drivers to the driver store on 2008 r2 wds, still no luck, I've added the driver offline and still no luck. I've even setup driver paths in the unattend.xml to see if this would work. This is only happening with one type of machine, with the intel 946GZ express chipset family. The vista image works on the laptops. This is really puzzling me. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? or what I could do to get it to work?