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Windows Vista Thread, Hanging on Welcome Screen in Technical; Got a bit of an odd problem a Vista Business laptop that keeps hanging on the welcome screen. Pressing Crtl ...
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    Hanging on Welcome Screen

    Got a bit of an odd problem a Vista Business laptop that keeps hanging on the welcome screen. Pressing Crtl -Alt -Delete will display the desktop and you can use the PC as normal. There is nothing showing in the event logs and I have stopped everything I possibly can from starting.

    I have tried various things suggested during my trawling of the net looking for answer but nothing has worked so far

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    When you say you stopped things from starting did you do that in Msconfig?

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    Go into Safe Mode and perform a scan with Malwarebytes. Make sure you update a few times before scanning.

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    I had a similar problem found out it was to do with a Kontiki p2p thingy that the iPlayer and 4oD used to use. Was causing near on full cpu usage on going to the desktop which meant nothing ever got displayed, Msconfig + 15 mins later all was well

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