Odd one this - a laptop here that seems to be stuck between SP1 and SP2, have a horrible feeling it's going to need a wipe to fix but hoping someone here knows better...

It looks like the laptop has failed to install SP2 but also failed to rollback - boots fine to the Vista login screen but after choosing a user you get an empty desktop, no taskbar and a small window stating "Windows has discovered a change that will result in limited windows functionality". I took this to be Reduced Functionality Mode but on googling it seems that was removed in SP1 - I don't get the option to run Internet Explorer/go into RFM mode. I can 'Close' which takes me back to the login screen or go online to check why blah blah - this gives me an IE shell, but won't allow additional programs to run. You can't use the slmgr -rearm tweak mentioned on the net when you look up RFM solutions.

I can get an elevated command prompt with a bit of trickery, but this is no extra help; I can't start the licensing service (service fails to start) and running slmgr from the prompt gives errors (I assume because the licensing service won't run). The licensing service fails with an error about mismatched files.

The only listed restore point is immediately before SP2 was applied and rolling back to this makes no difference - assume some files have been permenantly overwritten or were not held in the restore point as the install of SP2 didn't complete. Can't run an upgrade/repair install of Vista from the pseudo RFM desktop and can't run it from inside safe mode either.

Anyone come across this and managed to fix it or do I have to turn people upside down and shake them till they find their misplaced restore discs?