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Windows Vista Thread, Blank screen after login in Technical; Anyone come across Vista starting up seemingly ok but after logging on I just get a plain background. Ctrl, Alt, ...
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    Blank screen after login

    Anyone come across Vista starting up seemingly ok but after logging on I just get a plain background. Ctrl, Alt, Del does nothing. Sometimes Narrator starts up. Safe mode does the same except I do get the safe mode background. From Narrator I can open up Help but can't launch anything from links within it. It is a laptop. Really stumped me! Thinking virus of some sort but can't think of a way to clean without access to anyway of running anything! Tried ultimate boot cd but the AV seem very picky so not successfully run it yet!

    Any ideas?

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    We had this with printer drivers.

    Log on with a scripted install of the printer and the screen goes black as UAC is sitting in the background but as its not an admin account it doesnt prompt the user to install the printer (usually because they dont have permission in group policy)

    Workaround was a GP setting regarding signed driver installs or something.

    In the end we moved to pushed printers with 2003 R2 Printer Management console and it doesnt need the UAC prompt.

    Logging in as Local / Domain admin gave the UAC prompt and all logons after that (for standard users) providing they didnt need an alternative printer no longer went to t black screen,


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