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Windows Vista Thread, Vista for Managers Conference in Technical; So, I posted links about this a while ago, but cannot find them now ops: so is anybody else going? ...
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    Vista for Managers Conference

    So, I posted links about this a while ago, but cannot find them now ops: so is anybody else going? Its the one being held at Black Marble at Bradford tomorrow morning.

    I am going so am happy to feedback to the edu community about it, but would be nice to know if anybody else is attending

    Post here or PM me then we can try and meet and say hi or something during a break etc....


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    Re: Vista for Managers Conference

    Ok ... starting from the top.

    I would like to know what the differences are between XP and Vista in the following areas and how NMs are to adapt systems to deal with these differences.

    domain administration
    Roaming / mandatory profiles
    Wireless devices and authentication (ie will the wireless turn on at startup and apply computer settings before the user authenticates ... by default!)
    The *real* system requirements.

    I think that should do for starters ...

    And ask why the flibble are they producing a desktop client when the required server won't be around to make the most of it in a networked environment. You just know that the next big sell with be *Vista* this and *Vista* that ... but without any serious whay to make it work *without turning everything that makes it "Vista" off* !!!!!

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