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Windows Vista Thread, Screen resolution in Technical; Hi all ... was wondering if you could help please I keep getting the attatched message on our vista laptops. ...
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    Screen resolution

    Hi all ... was wondering if you could help please

    I keep getting the attatched message on our vista laptops. I set the deafult resolution on the admin accnt, and when i log in as a teacher - first time I get this message (we are lniked to a projector for htis one).

    Is there anyway I can fix this (maybe through a GPO). We have resswitch on but that doesnt seem to fix it.

    Thanks in advance,

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    This is Vista trying to be helpful and making sure that the desired settings for connecting to the projector are selected. It shouldn't alter the resolution at all unless the projector doesn't support the native resolution of the laptop. I don't think there is any GPO to deactivate it.

    Our teachers actually find it very useful as it's much simpler to use than a lot of the driver-specific interfaces for activating the external display, or using hotkeys on the keyboard to turn the external display on and off.

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