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Windows Vista Thread, Windows Vista Poll in Technical; I must admit, I had to go off and search for the system requirements before taking part in the survey. ...
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    Windows Vista Poll

    I must admit, I had to go off and search for the system requirements before taking part in the survey. MS don't exactly make it immediately available... hiding links to 'recommended' requirements about 4 pages in!

    For the lazy amongst you...

    Following these guidelines, I had to vote 30%-40% but this is only because the recommended requirments are relatively low... I wouldn't want to run an XP system with a 600MHz P4 and 512MB RAM, never mind a Vista one!

    I also have a very high number of laptops (over 60) which should all run it OKish but ignoring these reduces the percentage to 10% (although, most people know I use thin clients so it is probably a little unfair ).

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    Re: Windows Vista Poll

    Most of our PCs should be able to run it without the bells and whistles turned on, I'd say around 75% probably could. In that 75% I think there is around a third that are capable of running everything.

    I hope the final version is better. Beta 2 is very pretty but by god, is it sluggish! That said, the difference between XP Beta 2 and XP RC1 was astronomical so hopefully MS will pull a rabbit out of their hats.

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