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Windows Vista Thread, Windows Easy(ish) Transfer in Technical; Hi all. I'm having a play with Windows Easy Transfer to see if it'll work as a solution for deploying ...
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    Windows Easy(ish) Transfer

    Hi all.

    I'm having a play with Windows Easy Transfer to see if it'll work as a solution for deploying at multiple sites where we only have a few pc's at each.

    I'm experiencing selective wierdness ... at times I'm getting a flashing 'disconnected pc' icon on one or both of the machines sat next to each other. The log file isn't giving me much help, and although I can restart the transfer & it picks up where it left off that isn't much good if I'm transferring important documents/dbs etc. 2pcs, same new switch, can ping and browse fine, both reasonably fast and new.

    At least one of the times where it has 'hung' with the flashing computer on it, I closed the app down and got an access denied dialog referring to the file it had tried to copy - this may well have appeared behind the main splash screen of the Windows Easy Transfer.

    Question is, does anyone know of any tools or 'hidden' bits in the Easy Transfer process that can be used for troubleshooting it?

    The Internet has failed me thus far, wondering if any of you clever chappies can do the do.


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    The File and Settings transfer Wizard is the end user tool that is designed to do a reasonable job for home users with limited amounts of information. I have never found it to be very robust as a solution.

    You would probably be better looking at using its big brother the USMT (User State Migration Tool) which is built to handle this transfer on a much larger scale in an enterprise environment. Here is a link to the page that tells you all about it:
    User State Migration Tool 3.0

    and here is the free download:
    Download details: Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) Version 3.0.1

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