Dear EduGeeks,

We just released WinReporter 4.0.

WinReporter is the only solution that gives you full visibility into your Windows systems without the overhead of installing an agent on each system.

Here is what we have done in 4.0:
- redesigned interface allows you to leverage WinReporter's rich functionality, faster and easier
- reports in half the time using one tenth the bandwidth
- new reports that reveal your true attack surface

Security expert Randy Franklin Smith says, “WinReporter 4.0’s new reports give you visibility into the true attack surface of your Windows network by quickly aggregating which Windows components and 3rd party applications are installed including their version. When a new security hole is discovered with a given piece of software, you can quickly determine which systems are vulnerable regardless of vendor or product.”

Get detailed info and download a free fully-functional 30-day WinReporter trial version

Thanks for your interest in WinReporter 4.0!

Warm regards,
François Amigorena
President & CEO
IS Decisions