Dear EduGeeks,

I am François Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions, a software editor specializing in Security and Change Management solutions for Microsoft Windows infrastructures.

We are proud to sponsor the EduGeek Window Vista Forum and to present one of our software solutions: UserLock.

UserLock indeed secures access to Windows networks by restricting simultaneous sessions, by limiting user access to the network and by providing administrators with remote session control, alert options and advanced reporting for session analysis.

Apart from limiting/preventing concurrent logons, UserLock comes with numerous other features that can be very useful for an academic organization:
* restricting user/groups access to the network per computer or computer range
* remotely disconnecting users or locking their session from a central console or any online computer
* getting precise statistics for free access computer rooms (high and low activity peaks, occupancy rate, etc.)
* locating available workstations (e.g.: by building and by room).
* ...
Detailed info about UserLock in academic institutions:
Securing and optimizing a free access network

Last but not least, IS Decisions grants academic institutions with a 20% Educational Discount, making UserLock price starting at EUR 1,60 (app. £ 1,27) per protected session.

You will find detailed info about UserLock and a free fully-functional trial version here:
UserLock: Access security and control for Windows networks

Thanks for your interest in UserLock. Warm regards,