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Windows Vista Thread, The V word in Technical; With some trepidation i have bought a nice shiny 17" Toshiba laptop - It comes with Vista installed.... Now this ...
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    The V word

    With some trepidation i have bought a nice shiny 17" Toshiba laptop - It comes with Vista installed....

    Now this my very first Vista equipped machine and as it's a bit of a beast, spec wise, I'm thinking of eventually replacing my trusty, if somewhat noisy, XP loaded Dimension 5000.

    The main question I have is are there any issues with Vista when using it for development tasks - primarily I'll be using mainly a mix of MSSQL, MySQL IIS and PHP. Might look into using Apache in the future too.

    the only folk I now who use Vista are 'home' users - so its normally IE / Office / WMP etc so they can't help that much.

    I am tempted just to wipe it and put on XP Pro, but I think it'd be good to give the V word a try out, even if only for a few months.

    I have prepped some VM appliances (is that the right word?) ready to go on her - Ubuntu and a XP Pro so ic an still play with other OS's

    but any gotchas to watch out for would be appreciated

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    I had a we problem running WAMP on Vista Ultimate, never got round to resolving the problem. Probably was me doing something daft

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    running AMP on vista here and works fine for development stuff.

    is it still WAMP or should we start calling it VAMP

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