some very good points made here, but here are some of my gripes not mentioned above.

the 'imaging' method for deployment is tedious, and i have not managed to get it to work yet.

microsoft STILL HAVE NO F**KING IDEA how computers are used in schools, there is still masses of work to be done to make visturd useable for special needs children, or younger kids.

IF I SET UP A DEFAULT USER PROFILE, I DON'T WANT IT TO CHANGE FOR THE NEXT USER WHO LOGS ON NO MATTER WHAT, little kids dont know how they should set up media player, they just want to hear the music.

i would love a day giving feedback to microsoft, i dont go to bett, because i will be stood at the sims stand, and microsoft stand for some time, or get thrown out.

my description of windows vista is a -- F**KING SHAMBLES --

if only these threads were read by microsoft