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Windows Vista Thread, Becta still don't like Vista. in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickJones View Post
    True, but it does spread that cost. It also means that when we go to Management and say "we'd like to upgrade, please can we have £x", x is a smaller number.
    This would only be possible if you can renew all the machines before the next MS upgrade cycle, otherwise your 'x-factor' will still be considerable. One of the points that becta are making is that you shouldn't need to upgrade until MS have fixed the issues with MSOffice2007, which I guess won't be until the next version, if at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberNerd View Post
    This would only be possible if you can renew all the machines before the next MS upgrade cycle
    Well, based on how long XP was around for, I am confident that any PC I might buy this week will, at some point, have Vista on it. Also, since XP and Vista downgrade licences are the same price, I have nothing to lose by buying a Vista licence, and I potentially have something to gain (i.e. a future saving to be had).

    Not so confident the same applies to Office versions, however, but since you can only buy Office licences for the current release, it is something of a moot point anyway.

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    We too are buying vista and office 2007 licenses but downgrading to XP and 2003. I think a lot of schools are doing that. Which means that Microsoft's responce to becta: "Customers tell us that they are committed to Vista and Office 2007. You can see that in the sales figures," is a load of rubbish.

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    At the end of the day, it has diabolical backward compatibility support, what with all these High Quality 16 Bit Windows Educational Packages that some of us have to run

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    I am planning to hold back on Vista, but may look at installing it as a trial in one of our ICT Suites.
    I will be moving to Office 2007 in September though as we are getting more and more pupils coming in with work created in Office 2007, which we then need to convert to 97-2003...

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