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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Dedupe and profiles in Technical; Evening, Deduplication in 2012 is amazing however I have purposely left it off on the hard drive holding my user's ...
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    Dedupe and profiles

    Deduplication in 2012 is amazing however I have purposely left it off on the hard drive holding my user's profiles. No doubt there is a lot to be saved here but figured files which are due to be accessed a lot during the day should not be messed with. Has anyone had experience having deduplication on their profile location or do you think I am wise to leave it well alone. Profile corruptions have been a pain in the past so don't want to cause any more issues with them.

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    Running dedupe on a profile drive shouldn't cause an issue - it isn't "active" dedupe - it runs on a schedule that you determine.

    Also, theoretically, dedupe should speed up profile access - the files would be less "spread out" over the disk, as multiple requests for the same block will go to one place rather than multiple places across the disk.

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    We've had it enabled on the drive that holds our profile for over 6 months now and it's never caused a problem. Go for it.

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    Not been issue here and I'm getting rate of 77% at moment

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