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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Slow files transfer to Hyper-V machines in Technical; ...
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    Slow files transfer to Hyper-V machines

    I've noticed a problem transferring files to virtual machines. The setup is Server2012 running Hyper-V that hosts 3 virtual machines, the AV server running 2008, print server running 2003 and WSUS server running 2012.

    Everything runs fine but if I transfer a large file say 3GB to any of the VM's the transfer speed starts off at 80MB per second then after 12 seconds it drops to around 5MB second. It continues at this speed for a minute then briefly speeds up before dropping again. I've tried smaller files at 600MB and they move across fine, no drop in speed at all.

    Moving files from my desktop (Win7) to the host is ok and moving files from the VM back to my desktop is also ok it's just transferring to the VM that's the problem.

    At no time does the connection stop or break. Iíve followed the tips in Server 2012 File Server - suddenly stops serving requests (but otherwise looks fine)
    but the problem remains. The host has the latest Intel NIC drivers.

    Win7 to Svr2k3.JPG

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    If I recall with 2008 R2, you had to disable TCP Offloading etc
    Trying to find the relevant article - will post it when I find it

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    You could run crystaldiskmark on the VM with a 1GB filesize.

    This will give us an indication if there is anything severely wrong with your storage subsystem.

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