Has anyone managed to get this going, have a new machine I have built up with all USB3 ports plus direct connected moniters. All drivers are installed fine but when you connect a keyboard and mouse to a usb hub then connect it to the Multipoint (as is the appropriate setup) it will not allow you to map them to a station.

I think it is the filter driver not being able to figure out which hubs are the root hubs and so not allowing any to operate through the filter driver. The last time I had this issue I was able to install vendor USB drivers but this does not seem to work anymore with the release of newer Microsoft drivers which override them.

Found a registry key that used to allow usb devices to be plugged in to root hubs and detected but this no longer works.

Have also posted to the Microsoft forums for Multipoint server but as the last question I asked there took more than a year to get an answer I thought I try here also.

Multipoint 2012 - USB 3, hubs not recognised as able to be mapped as stations even though drivers are fine.