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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Data migration in Technical; Hi I need to copy all users dats from E disk to K disk on our file server. What's the ...
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    Data migration


    I need to copy all users dats from E disk to K disk on our file server. What's the best way of doing this? I've looked at robocopy but I'm unsure of the switches I need to use.

    Basically e disk is a SATA disk on old San and k disk is a new sas San.

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    Back up the e drive and restore to k. Probably the fastest way to retain all file permissions.

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    I've done a similar thing last week, moving profiles from one drive to another to extend space on Drive C.

    I used Cobian Backup, to backup the profiles, and kept all permissions and times. Backed them up to another drive, change the drive letter of that drive and it worked, I haven't seen any downtime and nothing in the helpdesk regarding anything to do with profiles.

    Happy Days!!

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