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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Local Administrator Password Reset woes...ML310e/Server2012r2 in Technical; First post since I moved to New Zealand, so Hello from the future! Ok, 13 hours into the future... Anyway, ...
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    Local Administrator Password Reset woes...ML310e/Server2012r2

    First post since I moved to New Zealand, so Hello from the future! Ok, 13 hours into the future...

    Anyway, I've got a problem. I need to reset two local administrator passwords, one on an HP ML310e Gen8 V2 server (Hyperv Host) and then, one on a Virtual DC hosted by that server. Literally no idea what the passwords are...

    Usually, I'd use Hirens or the Installation DVD to reset the password, but neither will recognise the RAID driver (it's a B120i), so I can't see the System drive to reset the password!

    Does anyone have any ideas how I might circumvent this? I've tried installing the drivers (you have to use Server2008r2 drivers...it's the most awkward RAID card ever) from within the Advanced Options in "Repair my computer" from the Server2012r2 disk with no joy and I can't see any suitable Linux drivers for Hirens...what build of Linux does that even use?

    I can't face the chance we might have to start again, it would break my little heart...Please help!


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    Do you have admin rights on the domain?

    Is the HyperV host a domain member? The DC's local admin password, also known as directory services restore mode ... TBH there are many ways of cracking that, but wouldn't worry unless you have an AD conniption. Hirens or Etc will work on the hyperV.

    If the HyperV host is a domain member, then you can reset the local admin password either remotely or by logging on locally with a domain admin account.

    The only other real option with the ML310 is to install a 2nd copy of windows onto the disks (preferably in a second partition) and then you can do the sticky keys hack to the other disk, and boot back off it to sort the password.

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