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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Windows Shadow Copies - Excluding from Backup in Technical; Does anyone know how we can exclude Windows 2012 Shadow Copies from our backups? I have configured the server so ...
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    Windows Shadow Copies - Excluding from Backup

    Does anyone know how we can exclude Windows 2012 Shadow Copies from our backups?

    I have configured the server so that Shadow Copies from three volumes are kept on the same volume together with a load of archive data. However, the shadow copies account for about 500 GB of constantly changing data, so it gets backed up twice a week even though it doesn't need it to be. (The file names are different to the source files so de-duplication doesn't work.)

    Unfortunately the files are unseen except by the backup software (Retrospect), and Windows insists on creating the shadow copies in the root directory of the volume concerned, so it is difficult to exclude.

    Any ideas, other than moving the shadow copies to an entirely separate volume?


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    If shadow copies were stored on a different volume, this would solve your problem (I would have thought).

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    Depending on what software you're using a lot have built in options to ignore shadow components when backing up. Doing this on backupexec etc etc. What are you using currently?

    Edit - Ignore me failed to read properly!

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