Hi, I work for a company that manages school networks. Recently we have discussed making our networks uniform to simplify management. Which has led us to investigate creating a default/generic Domian controller build with all required roles and features installed and setup (FS, WSUS, WDS, GP, IIS, WSB, PS you get the idea). Preferably I would want all of this automated or with as little interaction as possible so only individual customer setup and customisation is required post install. I know DHCP and DNS would have to be setup manually depending on where the server was for, but is there a way to do this?

Googling shows ideas about cloning a virtual DC running 2012 through HyperV, but I dont know if that would cover what I wish to do as we generally work with just physical setups.

Could you setup a server manually, then perform sysprep on it and capture, then restore the result on different hardware?

Could you do it all through an unnattended xml? Roles and all?

A guy who worked for the company many moons ago manually created a program which would do everything, but he has long gone and it was all setup using scripts and answer files in ASP (which I do not understand. It spans 3 discs!) and doesnt work correctly on server 08 or 12 builds anymore.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.