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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Server 2012 fileserver, using dfs for backup in Technical; We have been asked by SLT to move from our current linux fileserver onto a windows one. In doing so ...
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    Server 2012 fileserver, using dfs for backup

    We have been asked by SLT to move from our current linux fileserver onto a windows one. In doing so our current backup systems wont work so am looking at alternatives. We are going to have 2 identical servers in different buildings and was wondering if anyone could see a problem using dfs-replication to keep a backup of user data on the second server, along with dfs-namespace to provide redundancy (weighted to prefer the primary server) and Previous Versions to handle any lost/overwritten files.

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    That is pretty much our solution. The only difference being we don't use a DFS namespace for the redundancy. The reason being that we replicate offsite to a server in a data center hosted by our local authority with it not being on the local LAN it is just for offsite DR. We then use Previous Versions on the local server to provide what I call idiot backup as opposed to disaster backup. We use this system to backup our SQL databases as well by having an SQL job run every night to take a backup of the databases to a folder on the file server and use the DFS to have it replicated offsite. On top of that we have SCDPM which takes long term backups every weekend and can store them for up to 6 months.

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