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Windows Server 2012 Thread, GPO Assigned Apllication Processesing in Technical; We have recently added 2 Win2012r2 DCs to our network with a view to retiring our old 2008r2 ones when ...
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    GPO Assigned Apllication Processesing

    We have recently added 2 Win2012r2 DCs to our network with a view to retiring our old 2008r2 ones when everything's happy and stable
    In testing we've found that when we freshly image a Windows 7 client on a part of the network controlled by 2012 DCs GPO assigned apps actually continue to install even after a user logs in - this seems very strange as I thought these things needed to be run in the pre-logon environment to guarantee perms and non-locked files etc. Also what if the user didn't realise that the apps were installing in the background and shut the computer down? Would installation continue where it had left off on re-boot?
    Win 7 clients on a 2008 part of the network still seem to behave as before - getting all the GPO software installed can take a couple of restarts but installation stops once the login screen appears
    the 2012 part of the network DOES make Win7 clients pause for a long time at 'Please Wait' while assigned apps are installed but the difference seems to be if this wait time exceeds some timeout - Win2008 stops installing and gives a logon screen while Win2012 gives a logon screen but continues with the installs in the background
    Is this change of functionality documented somewhere? Are there new GP settings to control it? Or is it just us with a strangely behaving network?
    Many thanks
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