This is simillar to another post on here at the minute but I think its different fundamentally (hope so any way). We've recently upgraded our servers, one domain, three sites to 2012 (not R2) and implemented DFS namespace and replication. It seems that users randomly lose connection to the server and go offline for seemingly random periods of time. It looked like using the server name in the path worked so it was something to do with DFS. Meanwhile, I changed everyone's paths to use server names instead of the DFS name while I worked it out. This seemed to work for a bit but then did the same thing. sometimes the DFS path will work like this \\domain\root and not like this \\domain.local\root and sometimes vice versa. There doesn't seem to be any reason for this. I've specified to exclude other sites from referals as I thought that might help, without any joy.

Additionally the servers are 2012 on Hyper-V. Fully patched. Anyone else had simillar probs (and hopefully sorted out)? This is causing real problems now and any help would be greatly appreciated.