Hi Guys and Girls,

This is my first post, so I'll combine my intro with a question :-)

I'm from South Africa, and currently employed as a Network Administrator at a small - to medium size company (we have approx 250 users, and 10 servers). I'm certified in Microsoft and Cisco, but someday I hope to do only Cisco - I'm getting a bit tired of Microsoft... I have a MCTS: Windows 7 Configuring, CCENT and CCNA: Routing and Switching. Currently busy with my CCNP: R&S (i've already written and passed my first exam, CCNP: SWITCH)

I have just installed our first Server 2012 host - to be used as our new Thin Client server. (Hate the OS.........)

I have configured everything, and all works very well, but as soon as I enable port redirection on the Thin Client - and the try establish the RDP connection, it pops up with a "The publisher of this remote connection cant be identified. Do you want to connect anyway?" message.... No matter what I do, it asks me this every time, even if I select "don't ask me again for connections to this computer." tick box at the bottom...

How can I get rid of this popup? I want to make the experience as smooth as possible for the end users...

Thank you in advance!!