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Windows Server 2012 Thread, Schema Update to 201212R2 in Technical; Ok it's been a while (thankfully) since I've needed to run a schema update. I have read with 2012 you ...
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    Schema Update to 2012\2012R2

    Ok it's been a while (thankfully) since I've needed to run a schema update. I have read with 2012 you no longer need to do this manually as it is now an automatic process when promoting your first DC to 2012.

    However, I'd still like a bit more control around the process so want to carry out the task manually (yes maybe I'm a control freak lol)

    Can I assume the process is still the same?

    1) From the Schema Master run a Adprep /forestprep
    2) Once complete run Adprep /domainprep in each domain you want to enable to the 2012 Schema

    We're currently running Schema version 47 (2008 R2) can I jump straight to version 69? (2012 R2) or am I best updating in stages, with version 56 (2012) being first?
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    Yep its still the same process from the adprep from the CD. No advantage or disadvantage running it manually compared with automatic process as the automatic process just runs the same command. Think as long as your on version of 2003 schema you can update straight to 2012.

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