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Windows Server 2012 Thread, USB Backup Drive in Technical; Hi We have a small site with a 2012 domain server, which is also the file server. I was looking ...
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    USB Backup Drive


    We have a small site with a 2012 domain server, which is also the file server. I was looking at adding a backup method and wondered if anyone had any advice or guidance into using a USB harddrive to do a scheduled local daily backup including the system state to

    The site has a online offsite backup in place currently and would keep that, just wanted an additional local backup method without spending too much money

    Any advice?

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    Yup, a USB hard drive is fine for that. I have one in place on a DC, I've used it before to get files back easily from the sysvol too as it just uses Windows Server Backup. Runs daily, deletes oldest set when full.

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