Hi folks,

We've just migrated a 2008R2 2 node cluster to 2012. We have two Internet connections - one provided by the LA and another slower "standard" BT connection. The former is used for the bulk of the Internet traffic, but the latter gives us simple unfiltered access.

Two Win 7 VMs use the BT connection to gain access to sites the LA block. Since migrating the network access on these two VMs is odd. Initially it manifested as web pages taking ages to load, partly loading, or just failing to load full stop. Pinging the router that connects to BT gives lost packets, yet other resources on the LAN have no problem when pinged. If I switch a physical machine over to the BT connection it has no problem at all, so it seems to be an issue specifically with VMs.

I'm stumped as to why these VMs would only have a connection problem with this particular router, when a physical machine has no issue at all, and said VMs worked without issue before the migration.

Any ideas?